Welcome to the Safe Routes to Downtown Los Altos Project Website!

Downtown Los Altos is a treasured amenity for both the Los Altos and the Los Altos Hills communities. With an ideal climate and residential neighborhoods surrounding on all sides, downtown Los Altos is well positioned to be a highly walkable and bikeable local urban core. However, the roads that frame the “downtown triangle” – Foothill Expressway, San Antonio Road, and West Edith Avenue – can be perceived as physical and psychological barriers to would-be walkers and cyclists interested in making trips downtown. This study focuses specifically on Foothill Expressway and investigates ways in which the safety and attractiveness of pedestrian and bicycle access might be enhanced across Foothill at its intersections with Main Street and with West Edith Avenue. To learn more about this study, please visit About.

We invite you to explore the Materials provided on this website, and encourage you to submit your own ideas and feedback about how to make these two intersections into downtown Los Altos safer and more desirable to cross. After all, in order to generate successful and sustainable solutions that truly work for this community, widespread participation and collaborative idea-sharing will be key – so we need your help! Please visit the Interactive Map page and the Feedback page to share your thoughts.